The Dog News, Episode 2

The year is 2062 and things haven’t gotten any better on Planet Earth…in fact, they’ve gotten far worse.

 But what were you expecting?

Throughout all the wreckage and chaos, all the wars, the plagues, The infiltration of the lizard people, and the collapse of the Republic, people have found a way to be the same human race that got us here in the first place. Nation’s bombed each other into oblivion, and water supplies dwindled, the temperature only rose higher. The major media conglomerates banded together, one by one at first, until there was only one company which then brokered a merger agreement with the Nation-State, on one condition: They had to bring back the nightly news. But after the rise and fall of virtual reality, streaming pornography, The great snuff movement of 2020, half a century of topless weather reports, and the legacy of cable news, nobody would sit through the broadcast. How could they get the hordes to tune in?

Enter: The Dog News.